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DuraLife Siesta DL Hardwood - Per M2



DL Siesta Hardwood 001
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Siesta™ Decking Profile Ultimate Performance

Premium quality decking for ultimate performance and durability. When the greatest performance is essential, choose Siesta Profile decking. Available in DuraLife™ Landscapes™ and Hardwoods™ Collections.

*Highest UV Stability.  Only board to boast “zero” visible colour shift.

*25 Year Warranty.  Most comprehensive on the market, covering far more than our competitors. NEW 5yr Labour cover.

*Longest Lengths.  We stock both 4.88m and 6.1m boards for very economical decks with no joins.

*Longest Span.  We can span up to 550mm using a 25mm board.

*Realistic.  Combination of embossed grain and colour grain/variation.

*Experience.  17 years of composite decking importation.

*U.S.A Made.  Highest rated board on the market.

*Highest Scratch Resistance.  Handles typical deck conditions without being permanently damaged.

*Highest Stain Resistance.   Impervious surface that won’t water stain, simply wipes clean (BBQ fat, red wine etc).

* HIA GreenSmart awards winner and registered GreenSmart Professional.