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Product Calculator

Product Calculator:

Length(m) x Width(m) x Depth(m) = an amount in cubic metres

Example: 5m x 2m x 100mm(0.1) = 1 cubic metre.


Product Depths
Mulches  - should be applied 75 to 90 millimeters thick (avoid mulching close to plant stem or trunk of your plant).
Lawn Mixes - should  be applied 10mm thick as a top dress and 50mm thick as a base for new lawns.
Sands and Gravels - vary depending on the purpose however note that if you are compacting the product then you should allow for roughly 30% extra product.
Pebbles - To cover 1 square metre you will require:
  • 30kg for a single layer or 50kg for a double layer using size 20-30mm
  • 35kg for a single layer or 60kg for a double layer using size 30-50mm
  • 40kg for a single layer or 75kg for a double layer using size 50-80mm 
6x4 Level Trailer Load Specifications
Half a trailer (1 scoop) = 0.33 cubic metre
1 Trailer (2 scoops) = 0.66 cubic metre
1.5 Trailers (3 scoops) = 1 cubic metre
3 Trailers (6 scoops) = 2 cubic metres
If you have any queries regarding the quantity of product required then don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.